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Website Management Services

Maximise the potential of your website to engage your audience with fresh and frequent content updates.

In today’s world of increasing distractions and decreasing attention spans you need to keep your school website fresh and up to date. We know that visitor numbers dwindle fast on stale, out of date sites. This has a real, tangible impact on your school.

Your website is your prospectus. A key component of your branding and marketing strategy to attract new pupils and the best teaching talent. There is nothing more off putting than visiting a site to find the newsletter is 3 months old, the last match report is from last summer and the policies are out of date.

With the best will in the world teachers and staff just do not have the time to update the site regularly and with relevant content. Many schools underestimate the importance of the school website in today's environment. Here are some of the benefits of our flexible Website Management Services:-

Improve Quality of Teaching - Alleviate the burden on staff and allow them to focus their efforts where they should be....on the children. Just send the content to us and we'll do the rest.

Improve Quality of Content - We can edit and format the content to make sure it is consistent across the site. We also make sure that images are of the highest possible quality without impacting on the speed and usability of the site for your visitors.

Legal and Compliant - We can audit your site regularly for Ofsted compliance and send you reminders when mandatory aspects are due for a refresh. This includes school performance data, SEN Reports, Pupil Premium reports, Ofsted Dashboard links etc. Don't get caught out and leave yourself exposed to the scrutiny of your HMI.

Pupil/Parent/Carer Engagement - Our analytics have shown significant differences in page visits between year groups in the same school linked directly to the frequency of updates on the class pages. People simply won't visit the site if they don't expect to see anything new.

Analytics Tools - Know who is visiting your site, where they came from and what pages they are visiting. This can help you determine if additional language capabilities would benefit your site, which pages are working for you and which pages may not be adding any value.

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