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We Create Beautiful Responsive Websites

Adaptive technology that means your website will look fantastic no matter how you choose to view it

School Focused Website Design

Every school has it's own personality. Does your school website truly convey who you are to it's visitors?

Every school is different. Whether you are a faith based school, community school or a small village school you will have evolved your own personality which will reflect the personalities of everyone involved. From the headteacher to the staff, the governors and most importantly, the pupils.

When we are commissioned by a school to build a new website we engage and consult with all of these "stakeholders". Sometimes the children have the most fantastic ideas and we endeavour to incorporate these into the design. We never use templates, all of our sites are unique and completely bespoke to your school. Here are some of the key benefits of the sites we design:-

100% Responsive Design - This means it will scale and automatically reshape itself to fit the screen size of the device you are viewing the site on. More than 65% of site visitors do so on a tablet or smartphone however less than 5% of school websites are designed to be viewable on such devices. This impacts on parental and pupil engagement.

Create The Best Impression - The website will often be the very first place anyone will look if they have an interest in your school. This could be potential new hire if you are recruiting. Or it could be prospective parents looking for a good school for their children. We know that competition to fill places can be fierce and your website can make all the difference. Do you want your school website to look like all the others?

Facilitates Ofsted Compliancy - We recently surveyed the majority of the headteachers in a Local Education Authority. 75% couldn't be certain that their school website met the legal requirements or what those requirements were. Furthermore, 50% didn't realise that a non-compliant site could trigger a no notice inspection. 33% of no notice inspections in just one autumn term were due to non-compliant sites.

Logical Menu System - School websites can typically have several hundred pages of content and site navigation can become unwieldy, something that can also cause visitors to quickly lose interest. A well structured, logical menu system can keep visitors engaged and make the user experience so much more pleasurable for them.

Pupil & Parent/Carer Engagement - It is well recognised that parental engagement is a strong contributing factor in a child's overall performance and wellbeing at school. The website is one of the key tools for a school in underpinning any engagement strategy.

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At the end of the day you need to be happy that your website makes a great window into your school. We'll work with you to define everything from fonts and colour scheme to page layout and design.

We engage with the staff, governors and children to make sure we encapsulate all that is great about your school


Now we start to build your website. But don't worry! We'll involve you throughout this process too. Periodically we'll show you what we have done so far and you can tweak as we go along. Changed your mind about the colour scheme? No problem. Better to fix it as we go rather than wait until the end.


We'll present you with a fully working site for you to review. When you're happy we push the button and your site will be there on the web for all to see. It will already be "Search Engine Optimised" (SEO) so Google and others will seek your site out making it easier for your potential clients to find you.

Don't worry. We'll stay with you in these early days and fine tune your site if you need us to.