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Website Audit for Legal Compliance, Best Practice & Internet Standards Compliance

"33% of no notice inspections in the Autumn 2014 term were due to a failure to fulfil a legal duty to publish statutory information."

Sir Michael Wilshaw

There can be many triggers for a no notice inspection and based on the quote from Sir Michael, the school website alone accounts for one third of all no notice inspections. Putting aside no notice inspections for the moment. Even when you know you are due for an inspection, the first place the inspector will look to for information about your school is the school website. This will have a strong influence on the inspectors first impressions of your school and undoubtedly play a part in setting the tone for the inspection.

Unfortunately, far too few headteachers and governing bodies fully appreciate their legal obligations when it comes to the school website. There is a vast amount of mandatory information and data that must be published and the list is changing so frequently that even the most diligent of schools can struggle to maintain the standard required.

Not only can an inadequate site attract the wrong kind of attention from Ofsted, it will also have an impact on the recruitment of high quality staff. Furthermore, it can have a negative impact when it's time for new parents to select schools for their children which could affect funding for your school. Remember, your website is the your shop window to the world and should show your school off in a truly positive way by embodying the fun, culture, values and ethos of your school.

At the end of the audit you will be presented with a compliance report as well as written feedback on each item of non-compliance with recommendations should action be needed.

What the Inspector will look for:-

The inspector may also pay attention to check that the website is W3C compliant, adheres to accessibility requirements and is based on best practices such as:-

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